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Reward Systems

“What gets rewarded gets done”

Many organisations focus solely on reward as a source of motivation. While vital to the creation of a motivated workforce, it is not the only source – career, recognition and culture play equally key roles in motivating for staff.

However, if the reward system is not properly aligned to the current needs of the business, it can lead to both de-motivation and the pursuit of goals that are not in the interests of the company. Many organisations design a reward system at a particular time in the life cycle of the business. Yet when they change the strategy or vision of the organisation, they fail to reshape the rewards. This can lead to an inherent conflict, as employees will align their performance to the old rewards.

HR Dynamics will work with you to design a reward framework that both meets your organisation and financial needs as well as linking into your performance management system. We do this by fully understanding your business, what are your current strategic needs and then aligning your rewards to maximise the achievement of these.