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Performance Management

It is at the interface between the line manager and the staff members where an organisation can ensure that it achieves the optimal performance and therefore the attainment of the business’s objectives.

We will work with you to develop a Performance Management System that is understood, embedded and effective.   As our approach is to work with the culture of the organisation, we do not believe in an off the shelf prescriptive approach. We also ensure that there is an embedded knowledge in the organisation that will outlast our engagement with your organisation.

This system will be:

  • Supportive of key business objectives
  • Is linked to the development needs of your staff
  • Rewards the appropriate business behaviours

Examples of Performance Management Systems

Balanced Scorecard

The notion of the balanced approach to organisation and individual performance was developed by Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton of the Harvard Business School. By focussing only on financial goals, organisations can become one-dimensional. The scorecard approach moves the focus performance to a range of issues other than financial goals; these include Customers, Innovation and Learning and Internal Business Perspective.

© Kaplan and Norton, Harvard Business School

Performance Management and Development System

The public sector approach to managing performance is the Performance Management and Development System (PMDS). Performance Management and Development is a broad term to describe the way an individual's work performance, career and development needs are managed. The goal of performance management and development is to contribute to continuous improvement in performance across the Civil Service by aligning individual and team performance with the goals of the organisation, through greater clarity in setting objectives and related performance targets for individuals and teams, and monitoring progress in their achievement.

PMDS is not one size and should be adapted to suit the organisations needs and stage of development. HR Dynamics works with public sector organisations to implement PMDS in a manner that suits their purpose size and culture.