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Employee Engagement

The ability of an organisation to achieve its strategic objectives is to a large extent influenced by how engaged its employees are.  Employee engagement can best be described as the discretionary behaviour that an employee can give over and above the basic performance necessary to do the contracted work.

Research has shown that organisations with high employee engagement have a higher return to shareholders compared to those with lower employee engagement.  Watson Wyatt (a HR Dynamics Partner) research shows that companies with strong engagement programmes have provided a 91 percent total return to shareholders from 2002 to 2006, compared with 62 percent for firms that engaged least effectively percent while those with least effective programs had a negative 15 percent return.*

HR Dynamics works with our clients to ensure that their employees are fully aligned to the objectives of the organisation. We do this through design and measurement.


With our HR partner, Watson Wyatt, we will measure the state of your existing employee engagement through asking key questions such as:

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • What are the key drivers for your organisation?
  • Where are the roadblocks to preventing maxium performance?
  • Where are the areas that you need to focus on?

With this key data, HR Dynamics can ensure that your HR Systems are focussing on those areas that will create maximum impact.


Through designing effective HR systems, organisations can ensure that they are creating the maximum employee engagement. HR Dynamics will work with you to ensure that systems such as Performance Management, Reward and Employee Development are clearly aligned to ensuring that your staff have:

  • a clear understanding of how the organisation operates, what its aims are and how they fit in
  • the development to ensure that have the appropriate skills and behaviours
  • clear goals that are linked to the organisation’s objectives
  • the leadership that will support them to the achievement of these goals
  • an organisational climate that encourages, sustains and rewards by distinguishing between good and poor performance

*Watson Wyatt 2007/2008 Communication ROI Study Secrets of Top Performers