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Change Management

Chinese Proverb: "When the wind of Change blows, some people build walls, others build windmills"

Any organisational intervention requires a degree of change on the part of the members of that organisation. In order to ensure a successful intervention, this change process – and the reaction to it - must be understood and prepared for. It is quite often the failure to anticipate the reaction to change that leads to an unsuccessful or incomplete intervention.

Too often, organisations focus on the hard aspects of change – strategy, structures, organisational roles and responsibilities – and fail to understand or take into account the impact of the soft side – people, culture and relationships. This is the part of the organisation that is below the iceberg and will puncture a hole in any change process if it is ignored or misunderstood.

We will work with you to ensure that your change program does not become part of the 75% of failed change initiatives by:

  • Fully understanding the nature of the change intervention
  • Diagnosing the key change agents and roadblocks
  • Planning a structured change program
  • Developing an appropriate communication process
  • Monitoring, Managing and Modifying
  • Conducting a post change assessment

In order for companies to bring their employees to a point of acceptance to this change, they must properly engage these employees; in order to do this, they must first communicate with them. Communication is the key to bringing about successful change.

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