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Published Articles

At HR Dynamics, we occasionally publish articles that we feel may be useful to our clients. In addition, we may provide articles published by colleagues.

Please feel free to distribute these articles provided that you retain the copyright information.

Communication – the Missing Link in Managing Change

Many organisations are facing into unprecendented change. How these organisations engag with their workforce will have a significant impact on their ability to weather the change.

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Information and Consultation - Improving Employee Consultation or a Fig Leaf for Partnership?

The Employees (Provision of Information and Consultation) Act was introduced in 2006. The act aimed to ensure the level of communications between employers and employees at the level of the organisation. This article explores whether the act can be succesful in its aims or is it only usefule where no real decisions are involved.

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Seeing the Bigger Picture: Performance Management and a Supporting Role for The Employee Relations Process

Traditional Performance Management Systems within an organisation is that of goal setting and assisting in determining bonus percentages. This article exploers how a properly utilised system, can support wider the Employee Relations process.

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The Do's and Do Not's of Unfair Dismissal: Recent Trends in Labour Court Cases

The Unfair Dismissal Act celebrated its thirty anniversary in 2007. This article reviews recent judgments on the termination of the employment contract to highlight trends in order to gain an understanding of what the Labour Court considers fair and unfair dismissal.

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